Frequency inverter for speed adjustment of DS asynchronous motors,
0.18 to 15.0 kW, 200 to 240 V, 1~, 3~, 380 to 500 V, 3~, 525 to 600 V, 3~


The compact AC drive from BLEMO® – vector-controlled frequency inverters from 0.18 to 15.0 kW


The consistent further development of the COMPACT-LINE frequency inverters has experienced a new absolute highlight with the ER22 frequency inverter. Based on the proven functions of all previous frequency inverter generations of this series, the current new development opens the door to completely new dimensions. For adaptation to as many applications as possible while maintaining user-friendly clarity, the menu structure is divided into three levels, whereby level 1 is identical to the user interface known from the ER21 frequency inverter. Levels 2 and 3 are used to solve the most demanding drive engineering tasks.

Functional enhancements

In order to optimise operation, numerous functions in the ER22 frequency inverter have been extended or completely newly created. Brake control with brake logic and limit switch management are now part of the standard equipment. The programming and linking of multiple assignable inputs and outputs opens up completely new areas of application. Further novelties: Motor potentiometer function and bipolar setpoint input +/- 10V as well as the maximum output frequency increased to 500 Hz. The CANOpen and Modbus field buses are already integrated. The power levels 0.18/0.55/1.1 kW have been added.

Device versions

The ER22 frequency inverter with IP41 protection is now available in two versions: ER22-…K and ER22-…P. Like the ER21-…K frequency inverter, the ER22-…K frequency inverter is designed with four buttons for programming. The ER22-…P frequency inverter also has an integrated setpoint potentiometer, start and stop/reset button in the display. As connection possibilities to the most different mains voltages all over the world are available: 1~ and 3~200-240 V, 3~ 380-500 V as well as 3~ 525-600 V.

Compliance with EMC requirements

The frequency inverters of the ER22 series have a mains filter integrated in the device, are CE marked in accordance with the EU Low Voltage and EMC Directive and comply with the applicable product standard for frequency inverters EN 61800-3.