Soft starter SH6

The most important advantages:

- Patented control system
- Protection at all levels
- Immediately applicable


The powerful softstarter from BLEMO®.

A torque controlled range of units from 4.0 to 1100 kW.
With 17 to 1200 A rated current for three-phase squirrel-cage motors.
230 to 415 V, 3~: 7.5 to 630 kW, 208 to 690 V, 3~: 4.0 to 1100 kW.

Soft starter SH6

The highlights of the SH6 series

Universal use

The soft starters of the SH6 series are matched to the respective motor and mains data and are universally preset. This presetting means that the devices can be used immediately in the majority of applications without additional adjustment. For heavy starting applications, the SH6 can be adapted to the changed motor characteristics via a parameter.

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Areas of application