Frequency inverter for speed adjustment of squirrel cage motors: 0.37 to 15.0 kW, 200 to 240 V, 1~200 to 240 V, 3~, 380 to 460 V, 3~

Compact design

The ER2 series includes robust and compact frequency converters that are easy to commission and operate.
All important functions required for the most common applications (e.g. EMC filter, PI controller, operating module) have already been integrated in the basic unit, so that no further accessories or options are required.

Universal use

The frequency inverters of the new ER2 series can be used universally, e.g. in applications with pumps and compressors, in the ventilation sector, in air conditioning, heating and cooling, packaging and conveyor technology as well as the control of special machines.

Performance optimization

In order to be able to provide a device that is optimal both technically and in terms of cost for each power range, the ER2 frequency inverter series is made up of three sub-series:

  • 1x 200 240 V: 0.37 2.2 kW
  • 3x 200 240 V: 3.0 7.5 kW
  • 3x 380 460 V: 0.75 15.0 kW

Vector oriented operation

To optimise operation, the ER2 has a vector-oriented control system that guarantees optimum concentricity even at low speeds. To keep the motor noise as low as possible, the clock frequency is variable and can be set between 2.2 and 12.0 kHz.

Compliance with EMC requirements

The frequency inverters of the ER2 series have an integrated mains filter, are CE marked according to the EU low voltage and EMC directives and comply with the applicable product standard for frequency inverters EN 618003.