BLEMO® Accessories

BLEMO® Accessories

Do you need more than just a frequency inverter? No problem.

Accessories for frequency inverters

BLEMO® specializes in comprehensive challenges in the field of drive technology with a focus on frequency converters, power controllers, soft starters and electric motors. Of course we also offer the necessary accessories.

This also includes potentiometers, selector switches, pressure switches, software, external control panels, mains chokes, mains filters, sine-wave output filters, motor chokes, braking resistors, fieldbus cards, manual control panels, right/left-handed switches with potentiometer in the enclosure (remote control box), residual-current-operated circuit-breakers, universal current-sensitive type B.

BLEMO® Adjustment Service: Have Frequency Inverters Set Up

More efficiency, quality and precision through intelligent motor control. In order to be able to use the full performance range of a frequency inverter, individual parameterisation is necessary. BLEMO® offers a convenient and professional service for this with the adjustment service. For series applications, we can also supply the frequency inverters pre-parameterised with your data on request. This saves you valuable working time!

BLEMO® remote control box.

Remote control box

BLEMO® plain text display

Plain text display

Motor protection switch

Motor protection switch

Braking resistor

Braking resistor

All current sensitive type B

Residual current circuit breaker

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