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Soft starter

BLEMO® Soft starter

Soft starters from 0.37 kW (3 A) to 900 kW (1200 A).

How you start engines is crucial!

The electronic soft starters from BLEMO® frequency inverters enable smooth starting and stopping of three-phase asynchronous motors and AC motors.

BLEMO® soft starters increase the service life of a motor by protecting it from electrical overloads. This is achieved by allowing you to optimise starting currents which, with conventional starting methods, expose the motor to a high load. With comprehensive, integrated motor protection features, your motor is in safe hands.

Extremely compact, simple wiring;
Fast configuration, Made in Germany;
0.75 to 15 kW 110 to 480 V, 1~ and 3~

Practical parameterization and diagnosis;
230 to 440 V, 3~: 4.0 to 315 kW;
208 to 600 V, 3~: 4.0 to 400 kW

Robust, safe and easy to install;
Machine and motor protection;
230 to 415 V, 3~: 7.5 to 630 kW;
208 to 690 V, 3~: 4.0 to 1100 kW

Our BLEMO® soft starters are used in the following areas:
Refrigeration technology, air-conditioning technology, mechanical and plant engineering, conveyor technology, pumps